Lumby Mølle

Lumby Mill from 1820 is beautifully situated in northern Odense, where it has been a central focal point for local history. Today, Lumby Mill with the scenic garden with old apple trees attracts several thousand visitors to the many annual events, where the grain mill is allowed to show that it still masters its old craft.

Program 2022

With a nice picture of late summer and Lumby Mill, we all wish you a happy new year.

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Lumby Mølle

Alleén blev studset

En god lørdag med masser af frivillige hjælpere fra hele området. Alle arbejdede hårdt.

Dagen startede godt med morgenmad og sluttede med dejlig suppe.

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Lumby Mølle, Lindetræer klippes

Mill Wings Flaps

Today it was time to the flaps on Lumby Mill Wings. Both the companies and the volunteers worked hard.

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Lumby Mølle Fødselsdagsfest

Lumby Mølle's birthday party was fantastic

It turned out to be a great birthday party. See photos and videos in our facebook group.

Ongoing project

New mill wings

The wings of the mill are worn out and we are in the process of preparing to have them replaced.

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Slettensvej 294

5270 Odense N


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